Designing Quilts For Machine Quilting With Home Sewing Machines

Designing Quilts For Machine Quilting With Home Sewing Machines

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Introduction: I have designed and built many quilt frames over the past several years. All of my frames are specifically designed to utilize home sewing machines. Designed to emulate and enable the quilter to achieve long arm quilting techniques at home.

I offer a wide range of machine quilting frame options to meet everyone's needs and budgets.
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Portals To Favorite Places, Salt Lake City & "The Edge"

Antelope Island

It would be impossible for me to pick a favorite place along the "Edge", within the Valley or in the mountains. The seasons all offer opportunities that make favorite places. The cool summer days in the Wasatch are perfect for the days when the valley temperatures hover around 100 degrees. The Desert areas to the West are incredible in the spring and Autumn.

Here I gained a special appreciation and value of the opportunity for intensely quiet environments and the opportunity to be close, really close to nature was on an autumn trip to Antelope Island.

Antelope Island is on of the islands in the Great Salt Lake. It looks like a barren desert Island from a distance but is anything but. Accessible by a road and well buit causeway the State Parks has is doing a great job to make accessibility for individuals to enjoy the Island while preserving this quiet and natural space.

Much of the Island is unchanged and the same as when the native American Fremont tribes hunted and gathered so many years ago.

The Island is home to a herd of Bison, to Pronghorn Antelope, Deer, Coyotes, Birds of prey and thousands of migratory waterfowl.

I will include more details through my work on the Edge project and will try to keep each post simple and unique, presenting bits of art projects as I go along.

Please enjoy the photos below of some of the Islands beauty. The next post I will start presenting some of my art and a project of designing quilts inspired by what I experience on the Island.

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