Designing Quilts For Machine Quilting With Home Sewing Machines

Designing Quilts For Machine Quilting With Home Sewing Machines

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Introduction: I have designed and built many quilt frames over the past several years. All of my frames are specifically designed to utilize home sewing machines. Designed to emulate and enable the quilter to achieve long arm quilting techniques at home.

I offer a wide range of machine quilting frame options to meet everyone's needs and budgets.
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About The "Edge" Project

The Edge Project

Sometimes we are so consumed by are immediate familiar and comfortable surroundings that we fail to recognize where we really are or could be.

The Edge project is my observations of unique lands and environments where I live and day trip. My observations are of the mountains to the East of Salt Lake City, The valley of the Great Salt Lake and the vast open spaces West.

The mountains to the east, the Wasatch Mountains are world renown for the ski resorts where the 2002 Winter Games were held. The Salt Lake valley is a large growing metropolis city.

The major focus of my work on the "Edge" project is the edge between the city's from Salt Lake on the South to Brigham City on the North. The Edge as I refer to and define it is perhaps one of the most unique areas in the West. Minutes from the ever increasingly populated urban centers lies a vast open desert wilderness encompassing thousands of square miles of delicate and unique eco systems and deafening quiet remote places.

I will also highlight some of my favorite places and things to do in Salt Lake and the Wasatch mountains.

This blog will present some of the art I work on creating along the Edge

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