Designing Quilts For Machine Quilting With Home Sewing Machines

Designing Quilts For Machine Quilting With Home Sewing Machines

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Introduction: I have designed and built many quilt frames over the past several years. All of my frames are specifically designed to utilize home sewing machines. Designed to emulate and enable the quilter to achieve long arm quilting techniques at home.

I offer a wide range of machine quilting frame options to meet everyone's needs and budgets.
Kits available for sale:
Choosing the right frame for your work
Kit #1, Kit #2, Kit #3, Kit #4, Kit #5, Kit #6, Kit #7
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Interactive Quilt Design & Workflow Process

My process of designing quilts,

For me it is all about the process of taking inspiration and creating design. Through examples of the projects I am working on I hope some of my ideas and processes will inspire others to try the ideas presented.

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